Maintain New Year Habits with these Four Health-Focused Restaurants

Do you love dining out but are worried about finding nutritious healthy options on the menu? Eating healthily when dining out is easier than you think with plenty of health-focused restaurants to choose from. Keep to your new healthy habits this year and enjoy a healthier diet by adding these popular restaurants to your go-to list of eating establishments.


For a menu that prides itself on offering a wide range of freshly prepared flavor-rich dishes, from appetizers to desserts, Applebee’s is a family-friendly restaurant to make special moments with family and friends. Customers can choose from a menu that includes: salads, soups, pasta, wraps, and tacos with the calorie count for each dish stated. Enjoy healthy restaurant eating at Applebee’s.

L&L Hawaiian BBQ

If you love the fusion of culturally-inspired cooking from Japan, the Philippines, and Portugal, then Hawaiian food will delight your taste buds. Healthy Hawaiian food at L&L Hawaiian BBQ located near West Covina, CA at Shop Village West offers a large variety of comfort food to whet the appetite. For the carb-conscious consumer, lighter dish options are offered, such as the lighter BBQ chicken with brown rice and a green salad or lighter garlic shrimp with brown rice and green salad.

Nature’s Juice

One of the best ways to ensure you get the essential complement of essential vitamins and minerals for optimum wellbeing is by drinking vegetable and juice blends. Healthy juices available at Nature’s Juice include delicious fresh juice blends, functional blends that are focused on boosting energies and protecting the immune system, as well as protein blends and veggie smoothies.

Panera Bread

Freshly-prepared healthy lunch and dinner options at Panera Bread are available near Pomona, CA at Shop Village West. The warm and inviting café offers a menu that includes out-of-the oven-fresh baked goods, savory soups, and crisp salads.

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